Strengthen Your Hair

Often the problem with thin hair is not the rate of growth, but the thickness and strength of the hair strands. Hair strands live for four to six years and if they are broken near the hair root, it takes time for them to grow out.

Your hair can grow long and healthy, when you Strengthen Your Hair. Hair needs to be cared for and fed regularly. With the right regimen, you can get real results, and longer, thicker, stronger hair.

One of the most important factors for those who want to make hair thicker and healthier is physical health. A good diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep can improve the quality and quantity of hair from the roots to the tips. Good health habits improve every part of the body including the hair and nails. How to make hair thicker can not be answered with a single solution – combining all these good, healthy practices will help you grow thicker hair.

For thicker looking hair, it is important to keep the strands healthy and strong and avoid breakage. Good hair care with the right products can help to make hair thicker and fuller, faster.

Home Remedies & Hot Oil Treatments

A hot oil treatment with scalp massage may stimulate hair growth and moisturizes hair, making it stronger and healthier. Olive oil, sunflower oil or a mixture of essential oils may be used for hot oil treatments. Whipped egg whites, mashed avocado with olive oil, mashed bananas with olive oil and mayonnaise, or a mixture of almond oil and aloe vera gel can be applied to hair about once a week and left in for 30 minutes before shampooing. These natural hair masks moisturize and nourish hair for greater strength which may help to make hair grow thicker.

Healthy Diet, Exercise, and Vitamins

People who eat a healthy balanced diet and get regular exercise have the best hair and skin. Healthy, natural hair foods include legumes, cheese, nuts, salmon, poultry, oysters, whole grains, low fat dairy products and carrots. Vitamins and supplements, including folic acid and biotin pills, cannot wholly provide the nutrients found in a healthy diet, so don’t rely on them alone. Prenatal vitamins do not make your hair grow faster or longer because pregnant women grow hair faster due to hormonal changes, not vitamins.

Avoid Damage When Styling Hair

If you are seriously trying to make your hair grow thicker, put away the blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners because heat damages hair and makes it dry and brittle. Foam hair rollers may be used to curl hair or add body. Also avoid rollers that have bristles which can catch on hair and stretch or break it.

Mousse, hair spray and gels may be used to add volume to hair styles and give you a fuller, thicker look, but avoid products with high alcohol content since alcohol dries out hair.

Another hair growth tip on how to make your hair thicker is to never use rubber bands to secure hair or apply tight ponytails, pigtails, braids, or cornrows, all of which pull on your hair’s roots causing fall out and breakage. Instead, use pony tail holders or clips which will not pull on hair. Obviously the more hair you have on your head, a fuller, thicker look you will maintain.