Stop Hair Loss

Stop Hair Loss Thinning and balding hair. Shedding, breakage, dry scalp alopecia. Worried about losing your hair? Stop worrying and stressing. […]

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Strengthen Your Hair

Often the problem with thin hair is not the rate of growth, but the thickness and strength of the hair strands. […]

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Get Your Hair Back

Once you stop your hair loss. You can grow and regrow strong healthy hair. Get Your Hair Back,

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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster


The rate of hair growth is programmed into your genetics and most experts say that you cannot make your hair grow faster. However, there are things you can do to increase the strength and vigor of your hair. This will in turn improve the overall condition of your hair follicles. What these experts fail to explain is that hair damage such as split ends and breakage from bad hair care, coupled with an unhealthy diet, stress, and lack of exercise and sleep can prevent your hair from growing faster and longer naturally. Making hair grow faster is about maximizing and stimulating hair growth, which is not something women or men can do overnight. Learning how to make your hair grow faster naturally means learning about good nutrition and diet, health tips, home remedies, and proper hair care which will keep hair growing faster and longer.

Here are a few hair growth tips on how to make hair grow faster.

Healthy Diet & Nutrition

The hair shaft forms in the follicle as new cells are created and old dead cells are pushed out through the scalp. In order to create new cells, the body requires protein and amino acids. A low fat, high protein diet stimulates cell reproduction that is essential for faster hair growth. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one way to make your hair grow faster. Protein and vitamin rich diet.

Foods rich in essential Vitamins A, B, C, and E, such as vegetables (spinach, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and green peppers), fruits (apricots, strawberries, kiwis, cantaloupe, peaches, and pineapples), and proteins (eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, raisins, lentils, and dairy) will certainly help your hair grow faster naturally, with the added health benefit of helping you lose weight. Some dietary supplements can help, but they can’t replace the basic building materials the body needs to create new cells and grow hair.

Regular Exercise

All cells need oxygen to remain healthy and reproduce. Regular aerobic exercise increases the circulation of blood which carries oxygen to every part of the body, including the hair follicles and scalp. Increasing cell reproduction is how to make your hair grow faster and increased oxygen to the hair follicles and scalp encourages the growth of new cells. Thirty to forty minutes of aerobic exercise, at least three times per week, is recommended. To increase blood circulation and stimulate faster hair growth, men and women can also massage their scalps to invigorate hair follicles and make hair grow faster.

The other health benefits of exercise can also help grow hair faster. Stress increases the risk of hair in men and women, but avoiding stress may be next to impossible for some individuals. Factors like stress, depression, and sleep deprivation may be mitigated and relieved with regular exercise, deep breathing, and proper sleep, thus stimulating faster hair growth.

Scalp Massages

Regular scalp massages can help stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, hair follicles, and hair roots. Scalp massages have been shown to help improve alopecia, hair thinning, and receding hair lines. Adding nutrient-rich oil during your massage will greatly improve the benefits.

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Shampooing and Conditioning Hair

It is not necessary to wash hair every day and doing so can strip hair of natural oils, making it dry and brittle. Brittle hair is subject to breakage, so even if it is growing fast, it may appear to be growing slowly since it is breaking before reaching its maximum length. If you must wash your hair every day, it is best to use a very mild or organic shampoo. You know how to make hair grow faster and probably already take good care of your hair, but avoiding breakage is a key to making it grow longer naturally.

A good conditioner helps to limit tangles and replace natural oils that are stripped away by washing, providing moisture. It is best to avoid conditioners that contain waxes or parabens since they can weigh hair down and make it appear thin and dull. Using a good rinse out conditioner after shampooing and a leave-in conditioning treatment once a week can moisturize your hair, and keep it healthy, strong and growing thicker and fuller.

Lastly, avoid washing your hair with hot water, and instead use warm or cold water. Final rinse with cold water to help close your hair follicles. Cold water increases the shine in your hair.
Styling Tools

Styling tools, especially those that use heat, can be very damaging to hair and prevent hair from growing longer. Flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers can scorch hair, making it weak and brittle. If using a blow dryer, keep the temperature low and dry hair only until it is slightly damp to avoid heat damage. Never use flat irons or curling irons on wet or damp hair since the water intensifies the heat of the appliance which can increase the damage to hair. Limit your use of styling tools if you want to make your hair grow faster.

Hair Treatments

Hair is composed of overlapping dead skin cells which makes hair strands appear scaly under high magnification. If any of these overlapping cells is pulled off or flakes off, it leaves a gap in the hair strand. Since hair is made up of dead cells, these gaps cannot be repaired naturally and leave a weak area in the hair strand. If you want to know how to make your hair grow faster when it is damaged, the answer may be keratin treatments. Keratin is a protein contained in hair cells and keratin treatments are proven to fill in the gaps left in hair shafts by missing cells. Keratin hair treatments also seal the hair shaft, making hair stronger and preventing further damage. Keratin treatments are available at salons or for home use and are the only hair treatments that actually repair damaged hair.

Some women have also tried other hair treatments and claimed they help hair grow faster and longer. Among these salon services are hot oil treatments, which some believe to stimulate blood circulation and hair growth. As we’ve mentioned before, gently massaging during a hot oil treatment may promote circulation, but the hot oil can damage and burn your hair, inhibiting hair growth. Instead, we recommend that you try some home remedies to make your hair grow faster, such as the application of oils like rosemary oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Before applying, heat up your oil of choice in the microwave for about 30 seconds to get warm.

Women and men will realize that knowing how to make your hair grow faster means taking steps to improve your hair care skills and general physical health to stimulate faster hair growth. Good health through sleep, exercise, and a well-balanced diet, and strong, shiny, beautiful hair go hand in hand. Proper hair care will prevent hair damage, split ends, and breakage, helping you grow hair faster and longer naturally. Long, shiny beautiful hair adds beauty to anyone’s appearance, but it requires a little time and a conscious effort to implement hair growth tips.

Cutting or Trimming Hair To Make It Grow Faster

While this may seem paradoxical, cutting off the damaged ends of hair shafts actually makes them appear to grow faster. The tips of hair shafts are easily damaged and split ends break off, making hair appear to grow more slowly. By regularly trimming split ends of 1/4 inch every 6 to 8 weeks, you can avoid breakage and help your hair grow faster and longer naturally. Limiting the damage from split ends is important to grow hair faster and is a hair growth tip many women know, but don’t follow regularly.

Proper Sleep and Rest

The third crucial component of good health and fast hair growth is sleep. During the early part of the sleep cycle, the body increases secretions of growth hormones that boost cell reproduction. Circulation to the skin, and therefore the hair follicles, is also increased when you are asleep. Sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours a night is how to make your hair grow faster overnight and improve overall health. Lack of sleep may interfere with cell reproduction and slow the growth rate of hair.

How To Brush Your Hair

The best hair brushes are made from boar bristles which don’t tear or stretch hair strands during regular brushing. If hair is already long, begin brushing at the tips while holding the rest of the hair in your other hand to avoid pulling at the scalp and hair roots. Tangles should be worked out with the fingers to avoid stretching and damaging hair strands, causing breakage and split ends which will prevent your hair from growing at all. Brushing hair thoroughly before washing it will limit tangles. Hair is more subject to damage when it is wet, so it is important to be careful not to pull or stretch wet hair. After brushing, women should also avoid ponytails or braids (even French braiding), which can put tension and strain on your hair resulting in breakage.


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Get Your Hair Back

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Strengthen Your Hair

Stop Hair Loss

Stop Hair Loss Thinning and balding hair. Shedding, breakage, dry scalp alopecia.

Worried about losing your hair? Stop worrying and stressing. Stress is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Actually stress is probably the leading cause for your hair loss. If you notice you’re losing your hair, you should do a self evaluation to determine the possible causes. Stress can be emotional, psychological, and physical. It can also wreak havoc on your psychological and emotional well-being. A 2012 study published by the National Institutes of Health found that among 157 women who were surveyed, 54 percent reported some hair loss and 29 percent claimed to have at least two symptoms of depression. The psychological damage caused by hair loss and feeling unattractive can be just as devastating as any serious disease, and in fact, can take an emotional toll that directly affects physical health.

Once you remove, resolve, or begin treatment of the stress, you will usually notice that your hair loss decreases, and hair growth improves.

The most common type of hair loss is a condition called androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss can affect both men and women, accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. Studies show that two thirds of men will start losing their hair by their mid-30s. About 85 percent of men, and 50 percent of women will have experienced a significant amount of thinning by age 50.  The American Hair Loss Association estimates that about 25 percent of men who are affected by the condition begin to see the first signs of hair loss before age 21.

The hair follicle is a structure that encases the lower part of the hair shaft. Each follicle contains blood vessels that nurture new hair growth. All hair follicles are present at birth; throughout the lifetime, each follicle grows and sheds single hairs in a repetitive cycle. The growth phase for a single new hair lasts two to three years. At the end of this time, growth ceases and the follicle enters a resting phase. After three to four months in the resting phase, the hair is shed and the next growth cycle begins.

Hair loss can be your notice to let you know that other health problems exist. Evaluate your health and begin treatment for any illness or issues you may have.

There are multiple ways to stop hair loss by using natural products or FDA approved medication. Depending on your conditions and ideals, there are options for you. The most used solution for hair loss is Minoxidil (Rogaine) for Men and Women. Minoxidil has been clinically proven to stop or reduce the amount of hair you’re losing. It promotes hair growth by lengthening the growth phase of hair follicles, and causing more follicles to produce hair. The hairs that are produced tend to be larger and thicker. Minoxidil is available in 2 and 5 percent liquid or 5 percent foam, for men and women. You can buy Rogaine / Minoxidil without a prescription.

It is applied to the affected areas of the scalp using a dropper or pump spray device. The solution should be lightly spread over the affected area with a finger.

The Good: Minoxidil can help you stop losing your hair. It can also help you regrow hair by revitalizing dormant or damaged hair follicles. Results can be seen within 6 months.

The Bad: Once you start using minoxidil, you have to continue using it. If you stop using Minoxidil, your hair will begin falling, and you will lose the hair you gained. Basically, you are going to be using it for years.

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