What Is the Money Piece Hair Color Trend?

What Is the Money Piece Hair Color Trend?

These days, hair trends can be in and out faster than a salon appointment can be made. It’s hard to keep up with the more fleeting trends, but it’s also hard to ignore the trends that stick around for some time. Whether the inspiration is from the red carpet or straight from a celebrity hairstylist themselves, these top hair trends can be seen walking out of salons everywhere after being showcased by famous folks all over the world. 

One trend in particular, known as the “money piece” hair color trend, has become an impressively popular trend in hair highlighting after being worn by stars like Beyonce herself. This hair color trend is a fun way to try out a hair trend without changing the client’s whole head of hair, which is probably why it’s so popular. It’s also a simple technique for stylists to learn and offer their clients. Here’s a bit more about the money piece trend, how to do it and other tips and tricks. 

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The Money Piece’s Big Moment

It’s no secret why the money piece trend has become so popular. Otherwise known as face-framing highlights, the money piece allows the client to get a little more highlighting action around the facial area where their stylist’s chosen professional hair color is best seen and admired. Usually paired with traditional highlights around it, the money piece really brings the client’s hair color highlight together and has a more dramatic effect on the end results and overall look. 

In addition to being loved by everyone’s favorite celebs, this hair color trend is wearable for just about anyone who steps into the salon. It’s a great way for a client to ease into highlighting or balayage and it’s also a great addition to a client who is a seasoned highlight-wearer. Face framing highlights can enhance the look of any client, too, no matter their hair type, length, color or even their facial complexion. It’s truly a win each time and doesn’t require too much upkeep for those clients who are just starting out with color and balayage. 

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How to Do a Money Piece Look

For stylists, the idea of face-framing highlights stems directly from what is already known and practiced during traditional highlighting. While the money piece hair color trend can be pulled off using a foil highlighting technique, many stylists choose to take a balayage-inspired approach to the process. This way, the money piece looks more natural and creates a more cohesive look for the client. 

Essentially, the money piece highlight is just another part of the balayage process. Instead of starting further down the hair shaft, however, the money piece traditionally begins closer to the hair’s root. It’s brighter and a little more pronounced than the rest of the client’s highlights so it stands out, sparkles and creates the bling-bling look that resonates with the trend’s namesake. 

To start, stylists should consult with their client prior to using any lightener, bleach or hair color. It’s so important to be on the same page so both parties are satisfied at the end of the appointment. Once the stylist and client have come to a pleasant agreement about the intended look, it’s time for the stylist to get to work using their professional quality hair salon supplies for the balayage process. 

When the hair lightening is complete and the desired color is reached, it’s time to style the client’s newly-colored hair. Start by washing the hair with a professional purple shampoo to bypass brassiness and showcase nothing but gorgeous color. Once products have been applied and the client’s hair has been styled to perfection, they can rock their new look around town! 

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A Money Piece Maintenance Routine

As with any professionally executed hair color look, the money piece requires special care and attention. Although this particular trend might save the client from having to come back to the salon as often as they would with regular foil highlights, it will look better for longer if cared for as part of a healthy hair routine. 

Be sure to remind clients not to use harmful shampoos made for people without color-treated hair. The ingredients can strip the hair of that beautiful money piece glitz and glam, which will discourage the client and leave them unhappy. Instead, recommend a shampoo and conditioner combination that is designed to preserve professional hair color. Purple shampoos work well in the money piece situation because they not only preserve the bright and fabulous highlight color, but also act as a toner for lighter hair shades so they don’t get brassy. 

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