How To Make Your Thinning Hair Shiny And Full

How To Make Your Thinning Hair Shiny And Full

Aesthetics isn’t everything, but we can’t deny how big of a role it plays in our daily lives. Hair loss is something that all men face at some point in their lives. Instead of joking or feeling embarrassed about it, men need to be better informed about it. 

According to data, around 25% of men who have hereditary male pattern baldness start experiencing hair loss before the age of 21. Approximately 66% of men experience some amount of significant hair thinning by the age of 35. To top that, around 85% of men have noticeably thinner hair by the age of 50. 

So, now you know you alone are not going through this ordeal. Men around the globe face hair loss in the prime of their time. Male pattern baldness affects males of all ages and races. 

However, we understand that knowing that you aren’t alone is not going to solve your problems. Hair is a vital part of our self-esteem. It affects our looks and self-confidence deeply. Hence, it’s common to wonder if you can do anything to reverse this trend. 

We assure you that not all is lost. With the number of natural and medical resources available today, it’s no surprise that there are several methods through which you can manage your hair loss and regain your crown glory. 

The following article will help you understand the reason behind your hair loss and take a deep look into the various ways through which you can manage your thinning hair. 

Why Do Men Face Early Hair Loss?

Have you noticed that hair baldness tends to run in families? If your father faced hair loss at an early age, then it’s most likely that you will too. There is a reason behind this phenomenon. Most of the men who go bald early face a hereditary condition called androgenic alopecia. Its more commonly known as the male pattern baldness. 

According to the data released by the American Hair Loss Association, androgenic alopecia causes 95% of hair loss in men. This is an inherited trait and ends up giving up a receding hairline or a thinning crown. This is caused by a genetic sensitivity towards a byproduct of the primary male sex hormone testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 

Let’s break down how a hormonal byproduct causes hair loss. You have hair follicles present in your scalp that are responsible for hair growth. The hair follicles with sensitivity towards DHT tend to shrink up over time. The reducing size of the affected hair follicle ends up reducing the life span of every strand. Eventually, the afflicted hair follicle fails to produce hair, or they stop making good quality hair. 

Apart from that, you can face hair loss due to the following reasons:

  • Acne medications 

  • Antifungal medications

  • Chemotherapy drugs

  • Immunosuppressants

  • Anticoagulants 

  • Blood pressure medications

  • Antidepressants 

  • Drugs to manage cholesterol

How Do I Know That My Hair Is Thinning?

Male pattern baldness typically follows a predictable pattern. You may start to notice your hair thinning out on the top of the head and around the temples. This pattern is called the horseshoe pattern, as that’s how the hair remaining around the sides and back of the head look. 

Your hair can also recede from the top of the hairline to push the hairline further back on the scalp. Men have different degrees and progression of hair loss, and the severity of hair loss can differ for every man. 

How Can I Manage My Hair loss?

Now, let’s talk about the real problem. How can you prevent your hair from thinning any further or stop early hair loss? If you want to hold on to your hair for as long as possible, you need to take care of your scalp as much as you care about your face and body. 

We tend to ignore the health of our scalp because it’s not immediately visible. Like your face ages and wrinkles in response to age similarly, your hair thins and balds due to increasing age. We will talk about some essential tips through which you can prevent hair loss naturally. You can also opt for some reliable medications available at Zoey that can help your hair loss journey. Let’s get started. 

  • Rethink Your Shampoo

The first step towards healthier hair is choosing your shampoo carefully. Men often tend to shampoo their hair every day without understanding the results of over-cleansing their scalp daily. Over shampooing can quickly destroy the natural equilibrium of the scalp. 

Washing your hair three times a week is a good way of getting rid of any excessive oil build and residue product build-up. Find a shampoo that is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulphates. 

Most shampoos contain sulphates that strip your hair of its natural oil and leaves it dry and brittle. Parabens cause drying, itching, fading of hair colour and hair loss. Chemicals such as benzophenones cause scalp irritation and premature scalp ageing. 

You can also use Opt for anti-thining shampoos that will nourish your hair and the hair follicles. These shampoos also add volume to the hair and provide your scalp with the necessary vitamins and amino acids. These nutrients will revitalize your hair and bring the moisture back to your scalp, further boosting hair growth and scalp health. 

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  • Scalp Massages 

The age-old scalp massage technique has been around for a long time. That is because this simple technique is an excellent method to get thicker hair. Dry hair often leads to hair breakage and thinning. 

To avoid that, pamper your hair once a week using natural hair oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil. These oils are packed with nutrients and vitamins to provide your hair with the necessary nourishment and prevent hair dryness. 

If oiling your hair is too much work, then try dry massaging your scalp every night before hitting the bed. This will stimulate your hair follicles and encourage blood flow to the follicles. Use your finger pads and massage your scalp slowly in a circular motion. 

  • Derma Rollers 

If you have searched for ways to prevent hair loss, you might have come across the term derma rolling. These derma rollers are basically medical devices that can work as great tools for hair regrowth when used with care and hygiene. 

Derma rolling is a form of micro-needling that effectively manages hair loss by boosting hair regrowth. The roller has tiny needles that vary from 0.25mm to 1.5mm. These devices work by creating micro punctures that allow essential oils or medications to reach the hair follicles. 

The roller causes controlled injuries to your scalp’s skin, and the scalp responds to it through a healing process. Through that healing process, your hairs growth responses get a natural boost. The tiny punctures also activate and regenerate your hair cells and boost collagen production. This results in thicker and stronger hair. 

If you are starting, then use needles between 0.225-0.5mm. Look for derma rollers that have an excellent grip and are easy to hold. Opt for needles made of titanium alloy as they pierce your scalp deep enough to create punctures that stimulate blood circulation. 

  • Eat the right Vitamins.

There are specific vitamins that help in boosting hair growth. This includes iron, folic acid and zinc. Supplements such as biotin, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids provide your hair with a natural boost and encourage your hair to grown consistently thick and healthy. 

Omega 3, in particular, reduces hair follicle inflammation, a primary factor that contributes to hair loss. According to reports, people who took omega 3 have thicker hair and lesser hair fall. 

Minoxidil is popular over the counter medication that works by dilating the blood vessels of your scalp. This increases blood flow and improves the circulation to hair follicles. It enlarges hair follicles that elongates the growth phase of the hair. This, in turn, leaves more hair in the growth phase, and hence you’ll notice new hair growth on your scalp. 

Minoxidil can take up to 4 months to work, and it needs to be used consistently. The effects of minoxidil will stop once you cease using the medication. Minoxidil is often used with derma rolling that ensures the delivery of the drug within your hair follicles.

Wrapping up 

Losing your hair can be a harrowing experience. It not only affects your physical appearance, but it may also leave a psychological effect and make you feel self-conscious. Hair loss is not something you can prevent as it’s a part of aging, but you can delay its onset. 

There are various methods to improve your hair growth and make your hair look thicker and shinier. Some of these methods include massaging your hair with essential oils, eating the proper diet, taking supplements and derma rolling. 

It’s important to remember that you are not alone and seek help to battle hair loss. Mainly, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Try these different methods and have fun with your hair. 

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