How to Kickstart Your Career As A Hairstylist

How to Kickstart Your Career As A Hairstylist

Hairstyling might seem simple at first, however, it is anything but that. To begin your career as a professional hairstylist, you’re going to need certification. This is often followed by a rigorous process that includes written exams. Some places may even ask for a demonstration to assess your hairstyling skills as a final test. 

Individuals who are looking to make it as a hairstylist need to have several qualities. These include great dexterity, a good sense of style and fashion, and lastly good communication skills. You also need to learn several technical skills for the job. And the best way to start it all is to go to a beauty school.

Begin your career as a hairstylist with beauty school

To start, you’ll need to enroll in an approved cosmetology program in a beauty school. There are certain prerequisites to take admissions. The candidate must be at least 16 and have a high school diploma. These programs typically last from nine months to 2 years. 

Here you’ll learn the skills that you’ll need to style hair. However, this is not the end all be all of the hairstyling. Fashion is always evolving. To keep up with the latest trends you might need to take various buffer courses to keep yourself updated.  

After the end of your program, you’ll be tested by the state authorities. On successful approval, you will get your license. Once you have obtained your license, you’ll be allowed to legally work as a hairstylist.

Get a job as a professional hairstylist

With your license in your hand, it may be tempting to open your salon. However, it is better to put the skills you learned to use first. Technical hairdressing skills are not the only thing required for a hairstylist. In addition, a number of skills are required:

  • Great interpersonal skills

  • Friendliness and motivated

  • Ability to maintain a strong relationship with the customer

  • Good sanitation and cleanliness skills

All these things may seem common sense. Nevertheless, it’s always the little things that count. Having a job will make you familiar with the ins and out of hairstyling. This will also help you understand how a salon works. 

Start your salon

If you want to take things further, you can open your own business. Know that running a business is not as straightforward as it appears.  If you are planning to do so anyway, it would be ideal to study business management. Opening a salon takes dedication, research, and hard work. Understanding the economics of the business can help your salon thrive and prosper. You can start by taking these steps.

Write a business plan

Start by writing what you want to do. Determine your customers, expand social media reach, find suppliers, cost structure, and critical resources. Opening a salon includes a lot more work than renting a building and tending to customers. Do plenty of research and determine whether your business will thrive in the area. 

If you cannot do it all yourself, take help. Financial planners and attorneys can help you smoothen out the entire process. In your business plan, make a checklist of all the important things you need to do. Then get started and mark them out.

Understand the prices

You need to understand how much your business will cost you. Between the cost of maintenance and initial cost, you might not make a profit for a while. In fact, you can stay in red for years before footfall improves your financial situation. You can take out a business loan from your local bank to meet your requirements. Make sure to consult a business accountant to plan for taxes related to your salon.

The major recurring costs incurred by you will be rent, insurance, training, and inventory. You’ll need to balance these with your revenue to turn a profit. Product pricing is almost universal most of the time, so you’ll have an easier time determining that.

Get those supplies

You’ll need to buy all the products of your trade. From furniture to the most important tool of a hairdresser are hair cutting scissors. Scissors are the heart of a salon. You’ll need to ensure that no corners are cut on them. Buy the highest quality hair styling scissors to deliver the optimal experience. Just like you use different tools for different jobs, you’ll need different scissors for different haircuts. Make sure you don’t miss out on any type.

Go through the bureaucracy 

Now that you have a solid plan and funds, it’s time to actualize your business. This can also be the most time-consuming process. You can take advice from local businesses in your area regarding what’s expected in the process. The bureaucratic trouble you’ll have to go through include.

Applying for a business license and getting a license for your workers. Insurance is a compulsory requirement though most businesses will probably get one anyway. Giving common area maintenance, think of it as an additional rent on top of the base rent. Hosting fire marshal and health inspection. 

Select a site and employ staff  

Choose an appropriate location with decent footfall. Low traffic in the area leads to fewer customers. This decreases profitability and in worst cases, your business might even be shut down. Another vital part is to hire the right staff. Don’t just try to fill the seats. Go through every candidate and determine whether they are a right fit or not.

Market your salon

Once you are done with your setup, it’s time to bring in the customers. Social media marketing is the most preferred way of marketing a business. However, you can also use other methods. Use local advertising, run offers, and provide great initial discounts. Even if you make a net negative initially, it’s alright. Just get those seats filled up. Once you do focus your energy on customer retention.   


Hairstyling is suitable for people who enjoy experimenting and comprehend how important a haircut can be. Despite the glam a client sees in a salon, it is a very demanding career. It requires the hairstylist to understand the wishes of their client and deliver on them. At times, the instructions might not even be clear. On such occasions, it is up to the creativity of the hairstylist to yield results. Despite it all, it can be truly rewarding to a person who genuinely enjoys hairstyling. 

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