Can I Use Hemp Oil on My Hair?

Can I Use Hemp Oil on My Hair?

Word around the street is that everybody loves hemp now. Aside from its multipurpose health benefits, it also brings a range of perks from topical application. The benefits of hemp oil for hair should prove a helpful tidbit, given the uncertainty surrounding the oil’s oral application.

CBD and THC compounds in some of these products can be deal breakers for many. So, without further ado, let’s give you the lowdown on hemp’s hair-enhancing qualities.

Hemp and Hair

Both hemp oil and hemp seed oil have a wide range of health benefits. On top of that, they also have calming and relaxing qualities. That said, no other body part should benefit more from their oral or topical application than the hair.

Hemp seed oil (which contains no cannabinoids) is safer taken orally to improve the vibrancy of hair and cleanse the scalp. Alternatively, you can apply hemp oil (which contains cannabinoids, including THC) to your hair to make it shine and improve its health long-term.

The Science Behind Hemp Oil’s Ability To Make Hair Healthier

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are the key compounds that provide hemp oil extract its hair-enhancing abilities. The body cannot produce nutrients naturally; it absorbs them through supplementation or diet. When we take in the polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp, our manes could become denser and healthier.

Hemp oil extract also contains antioxidants that protect our hair from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals. If your hair is constantly exposed to pollution or colorants, hemp oil could help restore its old shine and vibrancy.

The benefit of choosing a full-spectrum extract is that it contains the entire set of compounds in the cannabis plant. Hence, you get the benefits of CBD from A to Z, which could include low levels of THC. This shouldn’t pose too much of an issue in a topical application, but it could make you think twice about oral treatment. After all, the psychoactive “high” isn’t a feeling everyone is accustomed to or feels safe experiencing.

Then again, should you decide to apply full-spectrum hemp, you could be on the receiving end of the range of benefits offered by its flavonoids and terpenes. These compounds can be especially effective for managing stress and inflammation.

Your tresses deserve the vitamins and minerals that come from a regular hemp oil treatment. What’s great about these methods is they’re more preventive than curative. They protect more than they restore, and they mitigate the damage your hair would otherwise receive without them. Of course, where other body parts are concerned, there is still much to investigate regarding the effects of hemp oil.

Hemp Oil as a Supplement

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the oral application of hemp oil, that’s still an open option for nourishing the hair and scalp. After all, the extract may contain compounds that are better absorbed by the body through ingestion than through topical means. This could be especially true for compounds linked to overall well-being.

Furthermore, CBD working in concert with other compounds in your system can result in the entourage effect, which synergizes ingredients and makes them more impactful on the body as a whole.

Hemp Seed Oil for Healthier Hair

Applied directly on the hair and scalp, hemp seed oil can enhance your mane’s protective qualities. It’s a well-known fact that oil can keep water and other substances from penetrating our hair. It closes the hair’s pores, making strands a lot less vulnerable to water’s wear. Hemp seed oil can be especially beneficial to color-treated hair whose pores have widened due to chemical damage.

Water is one of hair’s biggest enemies and the main one hemp seed oil protects from. It can dry your tresses and make them prone to breakage. Using hemp seed oil locks out moisture from the hair by lubricating its entire structure. It also reduces combing force on already soaked strands, making them less prone to breaking.

Essential amino and fatty acids are responsible for bringing this healthy lubrication to your strands. In particular, their hydrophilic ends aid in moisture retention, while their hydrophobic ends enhance shine. Thus, you get a product that’s great for all hair types, including coarse, curly hair.

Hemp seed oil is also packed with vitamin E, which helps fight off elements that could damage hair. It is also great for hair elasticity and shine. You can tailor this product to your hair needs. It works as well for dry and curly hair as it does for straight hair, making it an all-around solution.

Hemp Oil Makes for Healthy Hair

It’s no secret that hemp and hair go well together. As long as you stick to topical application and keep the oral treatment strictly to hemp seed oil (non-cannabinoid-containing oils), you should find hemp hair-enhancing more often than not. Boost your hair’s shine and make the strands less prone to breakage by incorporating these hemp products into your hair care routine.

Published at Mon, 27 Dec 2021 20:48:56 -0500